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Quality Satin Bannerettes and Pennants

Rotary International Official Licensee supplying printed promotional Rotary Banners, Bannerettes, and Pennants for Sports and Rotary clubs worldwide.

Bannerettes and Pennants

Our custom printed Rotary Banners are of the highest quality available, produced using our own custom Satin treble thickness material. Quality Bannerettes for presentation to visiting Rotary Club members.

Another name for Pennants used for presentations or gifts, Rotary Bannerettes are traditionally made from Satin and have been exchanged between charitable clubs and organisations for many years, and remain an ideal gift throughout the world.

Named Pennants, these are a much more well known name amongst Sporting organisations who have many uses for this product, given between local Sports Clubs, Amateur and Professional Football Teams, Soccer Teams on tour, and individual presentations to players.

Custom manufactured Sports Pennants available with multi colour trimmings using our special Satin fused Velvet Sports material, ideal luxury Pennant for exchanging between players and gifts at your events and end of season tours.

UK's only official supplier for Presentation Rotary Banners and Bannerettes

We have been manufacturing Rotary Banners for nearly 30 years, and as an official Rotary International Licensee and Supplier, your club are guaranteed a high quality Presentation Banners and a first class customer service.
We do of course produce Banners/Bannerettes for many other Companies and organisations, who present these to visiting clubs in the UK, or when visiting member clubs abroad. Other organisations such as Inner Wheel, Interact Clubs, Lions Clubs, Round Table, and council's, also use these for promoting their clubs and fundraising for many deserving causes.