Luxury Club Banners

We have been manufacturing Rotary Banners for nearly 30 years, and as an official Rotary International Licensee and Supplier, your club are guaranteed a high quality Presentation Banners and a first class customer service.
Our luxury Satin Banners are of the highest quality available, using our own manufactured treble thickness material, fully finished off with tradtional Hanging Tassels and Cord with variations of Fringe colours.

We are an Official Rotary International Licensee

  • Luxury Full Body Fused Satin Velvet
  • Cord and Hanging Tassels
  • Wooden Hem Rod with custom end Finials
  • Single or Two Colour Banners Trim
  • Banners individually packaged until required

Rotary International Pennants

Our Rotary Pennants give an excellent look and feel when presenting to other member clubs or visiting Rotarians from overseas.
We have designed our own style of Pennants, after years of experience, using materials which are luxurious and of high quality your club will be proud to exchange.